It is ShoeBox Time!

Samaritan’s Purse Gift Catalog

Children’s Heart ProjectThe Children’s Heart Project  identifies children with life-threatening heart disease in countries that lack technology and training, and matches them with North American hospitals and surgeons that donate their time and services.


Toggie’s family spent the summers in Mongolia living in countryside and taking care of a heard of 350 animals. In the winter, they moved to the city. When they found out that their precious daughter was sick, they knew they wouldn’t have enough money to send her out of the country for surgery. When they found Children’s Heart Project, they knew it was their best hope.

Stone by Stone

Living here in New England you can attach the word historical onto anything. I’m sitting in Jamestown, Rhode Island, daydreaming while looking out the large windows in the historical library. I’m looking out at sugar maples, white-steepled churches and fall foliage. The stone fences around the homes and farms add such an “Old England” rustic landscape to living in this part of the country.

In summary I read:  “Yankee farmers built walls of stone as they cleared the land, and continued to build walls into the mid-19th century: for confining livestock and marking boundaries, for lining roadways and penning sheep, for damming and crossing streams, for house and barn foundations. But primarily, above all else, these farmers built walls–crude, tossed walls–to hold the debris removed from rocky soil”.

The hardworking hands that placed stone by stone remind me that building anything of value takes time.  My hope is having this space can help document my art practice.